Durgapuja Festival 2023: Surya Namaskar Marathon

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Please scroll down to know all about the Surya Namaskar Marathon.

In celebrating Durgapuja festival 2023, we are delighted to announce this special marathon of surya namaskar. Let us reach the collective target of 10000 rounds of surya namaskar in 10 days of Devi Paksha starting on 14th Oct. We feel this marathon would be even significant and benefical in celebrating the Durga Puja and Navaratri in the post COVID time, thereby staying fit and happy all together.

Matri Mandir Munich is planning special awards for the top scorers (top contributors of the Surya Namaskar Rounds) and receptions for all the successful participants of this Surya namaskar marathon in Durgapuja festival.

How to take part in the Surya Namaskar Marathon

(1) Important: Please first consult to your house phisician or fitness trainer or yoga teacher whether you are able and fit to take part in the marathon.

(2) Where and when: Please do Surya Namasker rounds according to your your own pace, time, convenience and in your own comfortable place, each day starting from 14th Oct till 24th Oct.

Best is if you contribute surya namaskar rounds every day starting from 14th Oct till 24th Oct. and this is highly appreciated. However, you may also contribute on some of the above 10 days according to your convenienece.

(3) How many: Suggested rounds of surya Namaskar per day for different groups, please take care of step (1):

Biginner: 3-5 Rounds per day
Intermmediate: 5-10 Rounds per day
Advanced: 10-25 rounds per day.

(4) How to share:, please use Link-1 to share the number of your surya namaskar rounds each day, which will be be accumulated with others and we see the live score of how many rounds are contributed all together.
Link 1 ….. (will be activated on 13th Oct. 2023)

You may take video and photos of your surya namaskar rounds and share with us, which will inspire others to take part in the marathon. Please use link-2 to share the videos and photos
Link 2 ….(will be activated on 13th Oct. 2023)

(5) A Reference literature: Yoga Your Home Practice Companion: A Complete Practice and Lifestyle Guide: Yoga Programmes, Meditation Exercises, and Nourishing Recipes, ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-0241323632
Author: Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre

(Sprache auswählen: Deutsch English)

(Sprache auswählen: Deutsch English)